Osifar - History


Year 1967
The company was founded in 1966 as a depurifying company dedicated to maintain the environment.
Year 1975
The first multi-use lorry on the Baleric Islands was purchased and was equipped with a pressure hose and pump.
Year 1981
The first two cleaning lorries were purchased on the Baleric Islands and were specially designed to clear drains and pipes. Check our web site for relevant photos.
Year 1996
We purchased a lorry complete with an camera to assist with underground inspections.
Year 1997
Osifar was the first company to acquire the relevent permits from the Environmental Health Department to allow the use of dedicated vehicles to ensure the safe collection and disposal of toxic and dangerous waste. Check our web site for photos of our lorries.
Year 1999
We purchased the first van fitted with a mixed pressure hose and pump.
Year 2002
Our work was recommended by the Environmental Health and awarded the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 1400.
Year 2004
We developed an IBM computerorised system for our needs.
Year 2006
We purchased the first recycling lorry in the Baleric Islands that included the latest technology to reuse sewer waters - see photos on our web site.
Year 2007
The company now has 8 heavy lorries and 4 light vans.
Year 2008
A mixed truck was acquired with security ADR of 18 Tn, with a removable partitioned wall, endowed with a depressor of liquid rings, which is characterized by; Less noise 80db (decibels) not to consume oil and frictional absence of metal parts.
Year 2010
We started a new project. The reform piping without work.

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