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Osifar - home

Osifar - home

Osifar is a leading company which dedicates to the cleaning and maintenance within the sanitation in Mallorca.

We serve businesses and individuals throughout Mallorca. We perform quick and secure jobs. Do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Clearage of blockage.
  • Reform piping without work. NEW.
  • Empty and clean of septic Tanks.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning.
  • Pipeline rehabilitation.
  • Inspection of drains with CCTV.
  • Empty and clean of deposits of drinking water and disinfectant, deposits of gas/oil, deposits of used oil, deposits of bilge wáter, deposits of dirty wáter.
  • Maintenance.

Call us! We personalized budgets.

Care for the environment.

Osifar specializes in unblocking and emptying septic tanks.

We serve in throughout Mallorca.

Osifar specializes in unblocking in Mallorca.

Where are we

Address: Calle Gremi Selleters i Basters, s/n - Mallorca, Polígono Son Castelló, 07009, Palma de Mallorca (Baleric Islands).

Kindly contact us through our website.

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