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Clearage of blockage (we clear all obstructions)

Specialised equipment with lorries and vans to clear the following obstructions:

  • Pipes.
  • Man hole.
  • Down waste pipes.
  • Trapped.
  • Bad smells.
  • Sinks.

Any problems which ia produced by soil, grit, limescale, grease, tree roots soap and paper.

Empty and clean (the most up to date methods)

The lorries and vans are equipped with the most up to date methods to empty and clean:
      • Septic Tanks.
      • Water Deposits.
      • Water Tanks.
      • Raft.
      • Fat Deposits.
      • Food Deposits.
      • Building Deposits.
      • Hydro Carbon.

      Environmentally friendly cleaning (environmentally protection)

      Nature is at the centre of our activities and we aim to protect it daily. When working we try to be responsible for all our actions. Hence we strive to concentrate not only on all the economic aspects but on the envionmental impact of our work.
        With this aim in mind at Osifar when a great deal of water is needed, we have equipment which can be recyled thus providing a quick, clean and efficient environmentally friendly system.

        Cleaning roads
        When cleaning roads our pressure hose can be used to take water from lakes and ponds.

        Cleaning on hills or slopes
        When cleaning on hills or slopes, all the recycled mud is kept in the system and the water is recyled.

        Rehabilitation of pipelines (rehabilitation of pipelines)

        The trenchless rehabilitation methods use the existing collector as a receiving sleeve for the new pipe.

        Constitute a system of correcting the deficiencies that requires less effort to restore the area and causing less disruption and environmental degradation than the traditional method of excavation and replacement.

        Rehabilitation of pipelines (filling gaps with less effort)

        We have the equipment to check and inspect all pipes and drains with mobile robot cameras. These have two functions:

        • To locate the exact type of the problem e.g a broken or cracked drain.
        • To video with either CD or DVD cameras the length of the drain or pipe including around bends.

        This equipment is suitable to provide:

        • A qualification on pipes in new buildings,.
        • A maintenance certificate and to identify the location of problems.

        We have a lorry equipped with its own generator to ensure work is completed on time.

        Maintenance (preventive and corrective management)

        We offer to supply communities with pipe cleaning, water extraction from bottoms of lifts, underground car parks,spetic tanks etc.
          Osifar carrys out maintence with the help of contracted programmes:

          • Preventive management.
          • Corretive management.

          We are fully informed on all problems so that we can personally advise each individual on the necesary requirements to answer their questions and to provide a full service. We aim to satisfy our clients.

          Immediate Service

          Osifar guarantee a 24 hour service / 365 days a year to clean and remove blockages:

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